Spring Break and my Pump

This was my first vacation with my pump and it was kind of scary at first. I originally was raised in Orlando and my father still lives there, we decided to spend Spring Break with him. During my vacation I went to an Orlando Magic game and spent 2 days in Universal Studios and Island of Adventure (Annual Pass holder). When I went to the game I was tempted to eat a lot of things that I really shouldn't eat. I ate them anyway, because why go to a sporting event if you can't enjoy it like everyone else. The only thing I made sure that I checked my blood sugar and bolus. Luckily I had no problem and my team won. What seemed kind of awkward was when I was waiting for my family outside the Harry Potter ride and it was time to check my blood sugar. I sat at a bench and took out my meter my pump from under my shirt and my antibacterial hand sanitizer. The ladies next to me could not make it more obvious to see what I was doing. They were talking another language so I could not understand what they were saying but the lady facing her back to me kept looking at me and looking at my meter. I think that I should not have to go to the bathroom every time that I need to check my blood sugars. That is not fair to me or my family that would have to wait. The next day I barely took out my meter to check my blood sugar because I did not want anyone starring at me like it I was not normal. This has been the first time that I have felt different from the rest. Hopefully I do not need to experience that again because I felt very uncomfortable. The rest of my trip was awesome. I just wanted to share and take that out of my chest. Thanks

I understand getting those looks. It's like your doing something illegal in public. I'll I can say is in my experience the older I got the less I could give a flying flip what other people thought of me. Think about all those whacked out freaks you see walking around everyday. By god if they can be in public, I can test my BS in public.

I use to think and feel the same way, now i don't give it a second thought. I just test when and where I need to, for most people it is more about curiosity than to stare about illegal stuff. Some times I just ask them if they have a question about diabetes and i will answer their questions. Other wise my daughter when she tested and people were speaking in another language would just stare back with a strange look on her face...lol that works alot. she is 23 and does what she has to do to be healthy, her other remark is "this is America and we speak english if you want to talk about me at least do it so I know what your saying, they usually walk away....lol. my daughter is way to funny when she wants to be.
With all the diabetes commercials now days people should know what is happening when we test, unfortunately with all the diseases out people worry about blood diseases and we worry about where to test. Sorry but public bathrooms are not always clean so why not test in public, I do.
Glad to hear you had fun and don't let the small stuff get you down.

Didi, don't give it another thought as the others have said. I check whenever I have to and wherever.