Squeezing finger during BG test

I have seen numerous notes in literature cautioning a person about squeezing their finger during a blood-glucose test, as it can affect the results. Can anyone tell me how it would affect the results?

I have tested this on myself and found no difference but I would guess it could cause a problem for some. Then I have to ask why is it done at the doctors office as well?

The only thing I’ve heard is that you should push the blood up from the base of your finger instead of the tip. I couldn’t get blood from my fingers if I didn’t squeeze my finger to test. I guess you could smear the blood or contaminate it in some way by doing that…

From what I’ve been told/read/understand, the danger lies not in squeezing the finger but in excess squeezing of the finger. The more you squeeze, the higher your chances of mixing interstitial fluid with the blood. This apparently dilutes the content of sugar in your drop.

Thank you all very much for your responses. I also can’t seem to get enough blood for a test without “milking” the finger from the base literaryweasel. Even when I set the lancet depth so deep that I would swear it’s going to come out the other side of my finger. I have not had it done at the doctor’s office yet Phill Dill so I did not even have that much info to go on. I would not have even considered that possibility awillie, would seem to make sense though. Thank you all again. :slight_smile:

It’s going to be a long slow process coming to terms with this whole thing and I appreciate you helping to fill in the thousands (or more) blanks in my knowledge.

you may want to take a 81 mg asprin a day it will help to thin the blood slightly ask doctor though

I agree…when I was first diagnosed and confined…the nurses are doing the same.

Good suggestion, Phill. Most docs tell us to do this for other reasons anyways…but, always good to check w/ MD…if high risk of hemorrhagic stroke or on some strange combo of drugs that is an issue. When I take aspirin or other blood thinner (fish oil, gingko) I found the effects almost immediate…within hours.

Thanks I am on a list of meds but I can still have an asprin

I have found that when my hands are cool/cold I have a hard time getting blood. if you run your hands under warm water it helps,.Also, shaking out your hand or rubbing them together helps.

The one and only time I squeezed my finger to get more blood I ended up with spray that made it clear across the counter. THAT freaked me out and I’ve never done it again. :slight_smile:

I was told to take a baby aspirin for different reasons, and still have the most difficult time getting blood even with a fresh lancet. I’m stuck “milking” my finger, as Imhotep said. I just moved my lancet up a notch and sometimes I’m trying all 10 fingers just to get a drop, and other times I can’t stop my fingers from bleeding…

After washing in warm water I shake most of the water off before drying giving me nice pink finger tips and an easy drop. I take a full size 325mg? asprin/day on cardioligist suggestion.

I’ll look into it but I really hate taking medication of any kind unless I have no choice…
Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve also found that drinking lots of water keeps you nice and hydrated, which keeps blood flowing.

Thanks for the suggestions. I always wash with warm water before I test but will try shaking and rubbing them as well.


I think that would freak me out too lol

Hi Inhotep,

You can try alternate sites on your fingers, too. Instead of the tips, try the sides. I started doing this not too long ago and I get some real gushers without having to set the pricker too deep.

Cheers, Mike

If you don’t get a minimum amount of blood that will waste the test strip.

Thanks for the suggestion Mike. I have used the sides from day one as I was told that it would be less painful as the tips have more nerves. I currently have the lancet set at 4.5 and I still have to squeeze. I really don’t want to keep setting it deeper because the deeper it goes the more it hurts lol

I guess my body just doesn’t like to give up its life blood without a fight :wink: