Squidoo giving $80,000 to a charity

Squidoo (an online group that raises tons of money for charities) is giving $80,000 to the charities of your choice. Basically, anyone who wants to participate can vote for one charity (from a list of about 50…don’t vote more than once or all your votes will be deleted)…Squidoo will donate $2/vote. You don’t even have to sign up for anything!
Please everyone go vote for the JDRF. Not only could we make a difference with the $80,000 they will donate $2 per vote to the JDRF.

Sorry guys but I wanted to put this back up on top. I am also going to post it on blog. Please go vote, no registeration is needed, you can only vote once, but they donate money to the JDRF. $2 to JDRF for about a min of your time. If they get the most votes the get $80,000.