Squirt's Weekly Allergy Update

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The list of foods Squirt is allergic to just keeps right on growing. Right now we’re at bananas (just added), shellfish, eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, soy (maybe - Wifey had soy sauce), tomatoes, milk, wheat, peanuts and treenuts. Edit #1 - add raspberries to the list after yesterday.

On a positive side note, she doesn’t have diabetes… but she’s only 10 weeks old and since it looks like she got the genomic data for her immune system from me, it doesn’t look promising.

SuFu, Ph.D.

I hate to say this, but most suggest waiting until your baby is like 4-6 months old before starting solid foods. It can be really hard to tell the difference between a food intolerance and an allergy.

this is through breastmilk, so it’s not an intollerance. she hasn’t touched solid foods yet.

Ok, I feel better. Well actually, I don’t feel better, I still feel sad about squirt, but I feel better that you are good dad.

Thanks. I just feel bad for my wife. Having to cut out all of those foods is brutal when you’re trying to eat enough to maintain weight and produce enough breast milk for a growing infant. It wouldn’t bother me as much since I can’t smell very well and everything pretty much tastes the same. On the other hand my wife is pretty picky about food and having to eat the same things every day is starting to wear on her.