SSRI/SNRI causes T1D?

Anyone have any input on this? My consultatnt thought I should share it on the forum and see what other people think?

I tried SSRI (paroxetine) for couple years on and off. I was off the drugs for couple years and then I decided to try SNRI drug first Effexor and then Cymbalta/Dulexotine. I took it for about 2 years. Taking this drug felt horrible. When I finally managed to got off of it (with extreme withdrawl symptoms).

Immediately after getting off the drug I had these leg pain and tingling in my feet and was was diagnosed with Type 1 insulin dependent diabetes. I was 30 at the time and have no history of Diabetes in my very large extended family. Love to hear from anybody with more to say about this…

Something tells me my usage of SSRI and mainly the SNRI is what brought about my T1D diagnosis. Anybody else with similar story? What are your thoughts about this?


I also found this article which freaked me out even more.

Let me consult with someone from a different patient community who might have a deeper knowledge base/experience on this stuff…I will post any reply (but, the info isn’t gonna be coming from me because I have no idea.) Shoot! I got no info back.

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A Meta Study from 2017 examined this. I was just rereading it. The Meta Analysis did show some positive correlation. However, as of 2017 and later ones I recall looking at have not found causation. Remember association is not causation. For instance are people using SSRI’s have more blood work? If so then it is possible diabetes is a condition discovered because the patient is using SSRI’s. Here is anther factor do people who feel badly seek the use of these mediations? Do they perhaps feel bad because they are or could be PWDs? I cannot put much alarm in the findings that just cannot show causation.

This is the full conclusion statement of the 2017 study I refer too.


This updated meta-analysis confirms the association between AD use and incident diabetes. While it still remains a matter of debate whether this association is causal or not, in our opinion none of the biases proposed by previous authors seem able to fully explain it. It is also unclear whether single ADs exert a different effect on the risk of diabetes. Future studies should be aimed at evaluating the impact of single ADs on the incidence of diabetes; given the possible heterogeneity of effect, we suggest that a classification of ADs according to their pharmacological profiles could be useful in better elucidating the nature of this association.

The full 2017 Meta Study can be found at:

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Thanks for that. Isn’t this article referring to Type 2? I was asking about Type 1. I was diagnosed right after using SNRI and previously SSRI.

Yes that article is concerned with T2 diabetes. I conducted a 5 index search for type 1 and SSRI, I usually only look in the last five years unless I am looking for a specific journal or article. The Indices I looked at included:

BSCO Information Services
EBSCO Information Services

Each one includes more than 100 journals. However I could not locate a single article discussing the onset of T1 and the use or stopping the use of SSRI’s.

Now that does not mean they do not exist or that a link has not been established or studied. Others with more time or better eyes might see an article.

I remind everyone that I also did not find the true cause of all T1 onset. It is beyond a doubt that one true cause of T1. I am living proof of the cause and I have been on a mission for over 45 years to rein this menace in.

What you may ask is this international menace? Well I am glad you did. The root cause of all T1 diabetes is DisneyWorld.


Oh and by the way you can read about it here if you wish.

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How about this article?

It says it may AD may cause autoimmune.

I am not saying AD causes T1D.
What I am saying is that if I weren’t to take this (unnecessarily prescribed) AD, they I probably wouldn’t get T1D.
I imagine need a concert of things to end up with lucky number with this disease. So the AD in my case did it.

I forgot to add link to article. Here it is.
It says AD cause autoimmune disorders.

If only I read this before taking those dreadful pills.

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