SSRI/SNRI causes T1D?

Bottom line is nobody will ever know if the medicine played a role in my diabetes development…I will have to live with the guilt my entire life. Thank you

I was diagnosed in 1970. I wasn’t sick before, I was not breast fed, lived in the Midwest so got plenty of sun. The list could go on and on about all the things that have been thrown out there that might have caused type 1 diabetes. And here I am still, 50+ years later with no answer as to why me? Did my parents do something? Did I eat something? Did I play in the wrong field? No idea! And I just can’t worry about it. I know my parents though about it those first few months wondering what they did, but they came to realize no one had any idea back than and they really still don’t know.
We had to turn our family life upside down but quickly got a handle on it and I had the same normal childhood everyone else did. School, sports, sleepovers etc.
yes, things were different but it became our new normal.
My family has always been very supportive and helpful but my diabetes has ever made it impossible to do things. Do I have to take some different steps when going out on a family trip, sure! But it is our normal and is not a big deal.
I just think about what my parents had to do to keep me happy and healthy vs what I have now! My parents would have been so much less stressed if I had a CGM, blood testing meters, insulin pumps etc.
This disease is not fun. No disease is but I do find my diabetes so much less stressful than it was 50 years ago.
I am hoping you can find yourself a good therapist who can help you come to grips with your diagnosis. At this point, accepting it is all you can do if you what to lead a happy, healthy life. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.


Figuring out what causes it, is not for us. It’s for the next generation. If we can figure it out, we can spare our kids and grand kids the world of type1.

I was the only one of 4 who wasn’t breast fed in my family.
But it’s not as simple as that. I think it’s a perfect storm thing. A lot of different factors happening at one time.


Some virus infections have been implicated as possible triggers of T2DM. Some may go unnoticed or forgotten as the destruction of Beta cells is not instantaneous.

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I am pretty sure it was Jan’s fault. She sat beside me in HS algebra. Yep she created several issues in my life. I think diabetes may have been the least of them. (back to my corner)

Kidding aside…Bottom line is nobody will ever know if the medicine played a role in my diabetes development…it probably would never develop if I were not on the meds…the meds created the perfect storm in my body……I will have to live with the guilt my entire life. Thank you


I’ve been there

SSSRI / SNRI medications are given for mood disorders, depression most commonly although often anxiety.

A hallmark of depression is (unwarranted) guilt. An overwhelming sense of being deficient and responsible for things that aren’t realistically true.

You will also see people express significant feelings of remorse and regret for past actions. This again can be an opportunity to learn and change but you CAN’T change the past. It’s like being stuck.

Depression can be totally disabling. The best treatments have less than 50% efficacy, and some treatments can make things worse. Effexor, for example, has truly earful withdrawal that can go on for weeks. Prozac, usually less do. All these drugs can have unintended consequences. Yet you need to try; to go with the state of knowledge you have at the time.

In a big way, diabetes is less of a burden than depression. You take insulin: you go on with your life.

I don’t know how to get beyond guilt. It is a burden!!

For some of us, maybe it’s part of our makeup. But having good people to talk to helps a lot. Maybe having supportive, if “anonymous” posters on this internet discussion helps a small bit, too. I certainly hope so.


I’ve heard that type 1 s have more depression than type2 and we all have more depression than the public at large.

It’s probably because our metabolism is out of whack, but I don’t know really. I don’t think I’ve been clinically depressed.

Exasperated, fed up , exhausted and irritated, yes a lot.


I was clinically depressed from age 19 to 34. Antidepressants were helpful. Type 1 diabetes since the age of 8. Clinical depression for me was much worse than diabetes. With diabetes one can have a hopeful meaningful life. With severe depression you live in a black hole of existence.

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Depression is treatable and curable

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it just doesn’t feel that way if you’re in the depths of it. and it isn’t always curable for everyone.

I was depressed a few years before I got DM not afterward

No, you don’t, There is only a miniscule possibility that the drugs caused your diabetes. There are a myriad number of other things that might have caused it.

Guilt depends on intent, even if the drugs are at fault, I am sure you did not intend to give yourself diabetes. Even if the drugs are to blame, you didn’t know. You are not guilty of the charge you have placed upon yourself.

If you want to blame something, blame lack of knowledge. To this date the cause of T1 diabetes is not known. For your own peace of mind let this guilt you feel go.


To me this makes sense. In order to get T1D you need to win this lottery. We don’t know the code. Doctors don’t know the code. It could be anything. In my code I have strong reason to assume that the tablets finally ‘nailed’ that code and got me into this disease…

Shame but not really guilty bc who could have known

Feel stupid and little guilty bc these tablets were not necessary altogether and my family where are natural people are really against these medicines (even when needed) I took cause I was young and thought it was a good idea.

Life moves on…