St Louis area

Anybody heard of any lower risk jobs availible for a diabetic in the St Louis area? Just curious. I know things are a mess right now. I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask around.

Here’s some music about St Louis for your internet searching pleasure…



While there are many things that I don’t know: I don’t know what you are best at, what you are hoping to do, what your definition of low risk is, etc … I do have one generic suggestion for your consideration:

Have you considered looking for employment at universities in the St. Louis area? Why? As non-profits, they often have pretty good benefit packages compared to many for-profit enterprises to offset the fact that they don’t have profit/sharing, year-end bonuses, etc. Of course, health benefits don’t always kick in on day one, so you would need to check that carefully. A good sized university employs people with all manner of skill sets and experiences. They are certainly more that classrooms and students …

Of course, like many enterprises, most universities don’t know exactly when/how they will be starting up … so they probably won’t be doing a lot of hiring for a while. But it may be something to consider …

Note: I live in CA and NM … not MO … but the university that comes to mind in St Louis is Washington University of St Louis. While they not be currently relevant, you can get a sense of the types of jobs they were posting at the time that COVID-19 shut them down by looking at

Good luck … and stay safe!


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Thanks, John. I’m just shopping around for someone else on here. One of our comrades is in a tricky work situation. The benefits thing makes this very tricky indeed. It doesn’t hurt to look around, but I think very few people will be hiring now.

I am an engineer. I work in a pharma laboratory. It’s very clean and we everyone is very closely monitored. No one has brought COVID in as of yet even though we have been open the entire time. In Losangeles. So I feel safe at my job.
As far as new employers, I would never disclose my diabetes beforehand as it is not any of their business.
I don’t need any special accommodations. Some of my coworkers know. It’s not a big deal at all.
And there is plenty of work. All the pharma companies around here are hiring.