Start Libre Sensor before insertion


Kroger pharmacy has my free reader coming in tomorrow. However, my sensors are not going through the pharmacy properly yet. Hoping to get the $60 dollars down to the $32 I pay right now. Optum RX said all should go well.


I have been to Abbott’s USA site several times and have not seen any offer for a free reader when switching from the 10 day to 14 day system.

Does it not apply to Medicare people?


I had a link to the free reader I cannot find now - I needed to fill an online form after which it told me to call the supplier my wife gets it from - so basically they told me to go pound sand.

Just call them and ask

Her supplier said they will be switching to the 14 by years end - I really don’t know if you need a new reader, although a free one would be nice.


Yes, a new 14 day reader is required. Check Freestyle website for free upgrade coupon.


If you are on medicare and fill out that form it tells you to call your supplier

basically - go pound sand

Abbott is a joke - why fill out the form if you are on medicare?

Why do I need the reader serial number to be told to basically get lost

another reason to just hate abbott

A one line sentence at the top saying call your supplier if you are on medicare

they need to go to the playground and find a five year old to help them make things easier


I think it is Medicare rule that prevents discounts or coupons such as this. But agree, the website could have been clear about that.


To Tony24 also (Not good at quoting yet. Wanted to quote both members.)

I agree. If Medicare people are NOT allowed to participate in the offer, it should clearly state that information up front.


I haven’t read the responses, but you are better starting it 24hr after insertion, to let it settle, if you must have it every day, insert it 24 hrs before the existing one stops.


The FDA did the 12 hour warm up just because they could (no other reason) and to make problems for folks -

The FDA should simply be done away with


The probe BG numbers are unstable to start with. Till the body fluids settle. It’s said to be an observable fact.