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lots of changes in life… some people either learn to live with it… or just avoid everything and dont worry. people should worry at times. but never over worry. i look at myself like a person that person who doesnt care of high sugar numbers… i really never gave a damn about it… ever since i got diagnosed i been so angry about it. i first started out by being so paranoid about people knowing. then i just avoided everything that had to do with diabetes like if i needed to test at school i would skip it so i can seem “normal” and at the end i would end up with blood sugars of 200 and up.

other times if people notice my insulin pumps or something i would be embarrassed to tell them what it was… i was not comfortable in my own self. i was ashamed. then other times i would hate testing myself.all the way through out this year and a half i would not get over with being different… i had different incidents were i was with my boy friend watching movies and i had really bad low blood sugars… but i still would be to lazy and stupid that i would ignore it and risk my life when i did stupid stuff like not giving myself shots when i was suppose to… i wouldn’t never take care of myself… A1C of 9.9 or so. i was horrible. but not i decided to change… i want to start new. change everything.make my life easy with some effort. learn to accept myself of who i am. and learn that different is beautiful

Good for you Shelby!

You are not “different”…you are beautiful just the way you are, just happen to be a diabetic. Didnt you know that diabetic women are some of the strongest, smartest, and most beautiful women around? Ha, just take a look at all of them on this site.
I know you will start fresh and succeed. Stay positive, and remember you are worth it.