Start Over! I dont want any part of this. (GROUCHY is typing)


I’ve dealt with diabetes in some form of argument for 16 years now. (gestative or somewhere darn close as in keep the number low enough that I dont have to take medicine while pregnant. Ok I did that. Now, “it” still hits me like a death sentence.)
This year… Last month. I finally went to the doc. Got medicine. Tried to be happy that I’m
“doing the right thing.” All this has done is make Stephen happy that I’m “taken care of properly.” Yes, He loves me. yes, he’s sweet and all that. Who else would marry a mom of 5 kids? Doesn’t mean we don’t have our ups and downs.
I’m fed up with this damn dis-ease. I don’t even really know what I want… No. Take that back too. I want this to be easier to deal with.
Make this crap go away!!! This is another bad day. I want a vacation and everything in life to be “normal.” Whatever that is.
No one making fun of the tire underneath my bust and making my kids feel bad when we’re in a store. No calluses on my feet for going barefoot. No more changes in my glasses! I hate taking time out of my day to go sit in some office and wait for an appt that has me waiting past my appt time. sigh… How about a change to shots so that I can eat without worrying about going too high?
Where are all the type 2’s hiding? Why is it that everyone I meet is on shots or pumps?


I believe the problem with many T2s is that they think managing the big D is just about taking medicine and not consuming sugary stuff. At my last endo appointment I heard my nurse lecturing a patient (probably T2) over her A1c number. A friend’s mum has T2 diabetes and she doesn’t test or watch her diet closely.

My take is that many T2s think medication is sufficient for them to manage their condition and simply don’t really care about digging deeper into what managing diabetes really is about. But that’s just my take I guess.