Start up thursday

my son will be starting his ping thursday - he’s three years old and we’re all excited and nervous


i am just wondering if you have any last minute advice for me AND
what prep stuff should i make sure we have ordered
i hear a lot about site wipes, tacky stuff etc
i’m going to put an online order for the extras but thought you might have some advice

I would start without all the sticky stuff, etc. I have never had issues getting my pump sites to stick (DexCom is a different ballgame)… Just make sure that you have some sort of disinfectant (i.e. alcohol, betadine, whatever your poison is) and cotton balls. Each of us is different and if you find you need the stuff, you can go and get a small sample from a local drug store and then mail order in bulk what works :wink:

Agree with Emily. The Animas insets stick great. I use the skin tac for the Dexcom sensor or it is off in no time.
Best of luck Matilda. The remote meter functions are great and I have often thought how it would be great for parents dealing with kids!

Also, call Animas anytime! They are terrific and at least tech support is there 24/7. It’s great having a “life line”. I’m 57 and was a wreck for a while.

I would bring extra infusion sets. I went through quite a few on my first day. I agree with what Emily said as well.

Amy is sooo right. I actually carrying extra everything in my “kit” and have insets stashed in my car along with spare cartridge packs.

Yes, I have an extra site change (and I think an old syringe) that I keep in my “emergency/oh crap” bag… make sure that you have lots of extra stuff to treat lows for the first couple of days. I had major issues with them when we switched (but that was 9yrs ago and I switched from NPH/Humalog to pump).

Well let me talk about sticky, I have a fair amount of hair on my stomach, and I thought this might work if I used DUCT TAPE! and the animas rep said oh we have sticky wipes, here try are some samples, well the stuff works better than duct tape, if you want to be using tweezers to try to get the set off GO FOR IT!! I don’t even use the prep anymore, I take shower, make sure there is no moisture and I apply the set, now granted when I do go to pull it off (site change) I manage to pull a few hairs, but I am confident that the thing will NOT fall off.

Now speaking from experience, I would be more concern about your son clipping it onto his clothing, I have created my own lancet device with the clip, it might work in a front pocket of cargo pants, but often times than not I like to put it on my back side, so it is out of the way.

thank you so much for all of your suggestions and advice
i think we’re almost ready with everything here and we’re all very excited
nervous and excited

I have a whole blog post about this Type 1 - It’s an Autoimmune Thing

J is autistic, so even though he is a teen, dealing with him is a lot like dealing with a three year old!

Anyway, to recap the blog post:

Make sure to set the bolus speed to "slow"

Request a sterile water trial, as saline sometimes stings and this might throw a young child off wanting to pump

If it drives him nuts to wear a pump 24/7 and yet still have to have shots, you wear the pump. Just make sure he can handle wearing the pump first. But it’s a lot to ask a small kid to handle the downsides of both pumping and shots at the same time. (this is assuming your endo requires a saline trial - some just put kids straight on insulin in the pump)

If boluses still bother him, do all boluses as a “combo bolus” for .1 hour (six minutes) at 50%/50%

For us, J did NOT want to feel vibration when I bolused from the remote, so I turned that feature off.

Oh, and don’t feel you have to stick to whatever infusion set they start you with. We tried Cleos, Orbits, Inset and Inset II, and Contact Detach. We settled on Insets and Cleos. You have to find what works for you :slight_smile:
Hope that helps!


How exciting. I never used sticky stuff. Their sets are awsome and stick like nothing else. ha ha However you can do the IV prep if you havve problems. Good luck to you and have fun. :o)))