Started a new medication--Glyburide


Due to my sugars are starting to really get higher this past week and I had a reading over 200 where my endro. told me to call if this happens only becasue he had to temporaly take me off my metformin becasue he wants to get a certain blood reading that the metformin can make falls readings in the area he is wanting to check. He left me on the Januvia and it has done ok but this past week and off and on for other days my sugar has really been high at times. He put me on a new medication along with the Januvia. It is called Glyburide.

Is or has anyone taken this medication and how has it worked? I am just wondering since I just statred takeing this a couple of days ago. The doctor is having me take half of a 5mg pill before breakfast and the other half before dinner at this time.