Starting Anew

Time for a new post...

I've been on the pump for a month now. It's had its ups and downs (pun intended), for a while I wasn't sure if it was the right decision, I was scared, elated, frustrated and hopeful for the first week, then routine started to kick in and I started seeing the pump more objectively.

I like the freedom from needles, but I feel chained to this machine. Sleeping with it is a pain in the butt because I roll around a lot, on my back, on my sides, on my stomach, upside down... so i just went for the longer cable and let it be free while I sleep. Now my bed is even more crowded: me, hubby, the body pillow, my really old teddy bear, the pump, 4 head pillows and various socks I've lost during sleep. But we manage and the pump has not been pulled off or fallen of the bed yet.

Pluses that I can see right away after switching from MDI are: not having to use needles, less pain, better control, I remember more often and correct more often as well, and the big one MATH is done for me! this helps me enjoy my meals significantly more.

Reasons why at times I wanted to go back to MDI: is bulky, I have to carry more supplies than before when going out of town, insurance hasn't kicked is so it's expensive, sleeping nuisance and I get site scarring and bumps.

I went for a visit to the hospital today, my A1C is now 7.4% but that is very likely from the 2 months before that are averaging this month (which my pump tells me is around 9.4) the nurse said the bumps look okay, doesn't seem that i'm allergic, maybe i'm pressing too hard when I insert the site or maybe the canula is not long enough and the insulin is pooling under my skin. I'll try being more gentle first and see what happens.

All in all, I think I will stick with it, I still have lots of highs but I don't have any unexplained lows anymore. My basal rate is good (I tested it by fasting), tho I still have to tweak the nighttime one. This means 2 more moths before I can make the decision of getting pregnant!

But that is ok I s'posse, since I am starting anew and this seems to be the way to go :)

I started on my pump with CGM on July 9 and I definitely agree that it has it’s ups and downs. At first I didn’t have my CGM for 2 weeks since my doctor and diabetes team wanted me to start out by just learning one thing at a time. The first two weeks was hard without the CGM and now I’m finding that having it is really helping me out a ton with figuring out basal rates and seeing how mich I spike after certain meals.
I have been on MDI for 12 years and I know how you feel about the bulkiness and the sleeping! Any suggestions you have or others would be appreciative! I love to sleep on my stomach but now with the pump and CGM I’m finding that is a struggle. I have a sea of pillows now on my bed between my husband and I so I don’t roll over onto my stomach since I kinked a cannula by sleeping on my stomach one of the first nights I had it. Blah…nice to wake up to a 341 and a beeping pump saying NO DELIVERY.

I guess I am rambling but feel I’m in your same situation. This pump thing is very new to me and I was very hesitant at first but am finding it is working out very well. I love the math part too :slight_smile: No more cell phone calculator! A part of the reason I started on this pump is to have a family soon and get better control of my diabetes before getting pregnant. My previous A1Cs the past couple months have been in the low 8s which I am not happy about but am hoping to make changes as I’ve had A1Cs a lot lower before. Where you able to figure out your basal rates pretty well by fasting? I haven’t tried that and it wasn’t taught to me… It’d be great to get some advice :). I’m new to this TUdiabetes stuff.

Hi Jill Marie!! Great to read someone at the same stage :) Yes, I started on the pump for the same reason, before I wanted to have babies I didn't much care for my diabetes... now it's been more than a year of learning how to be better to myself and how to care for my health. If you have the chance read "Think like a pancreas" by Gary Scheiner, is a good read and it will reinforce what you already know and give you some new insights.

Ugh, I didn't know you could get kinks on the canula itself, isn't that the part that is inside of your skin?... now I feel itchy just thinking about it!
I hate not being able to sleep in one position all night, this morning i woke up with the pump under my lower back (I had started in my stomach) but besides switching to the longer tubing, nothing has made it better for me.

P.S. I didn't think you were rambling at all

I understand completely how you are feeling and want to try my best to get into control and learn about the pump plus feel comfortable without before I think about getting pregnant. I didn’t realize that the cannula itself could kink. What happened is it bent…it was probably at a 30degree angle when I took it out and the insulin was backing up which was the reason for the no delivery alarm. I use a Medtronic pump and the quick sets for my infusion set. I like the ease of them but am a little hesitant about sleeping and other activities since that experience. Im hoping to gain more insight on this.

I actually just downloaded the Think Like A Pancrease book a few weeks ago and have been reading it, along with my fiction books. I rotate back and forth since I need some reading to just ‘take me away’ for a while. I really like it and love the author, he is very real about it no makes the reading interesting and entertaining I think! I have covered a few chapters and am liking it so far. :slight_smile:

I know that feeling but stick at it, I had a hard time when I first started but I worked through it and now I cant imagine ever not being on the pump

I hear you on that sleeping being a PAIN! I use the Omnipod, and hate it when I forget and roll over on-top of the darn thing. OUCH!

I've been pumping for about 3 months now. Also been up and down during that time. I decided to start on Weight Watchers, mainly to loose weight to get better control but to also check myself on diet. IT WORKED!! My control improved considerable doing just pump (which helped too) but on both the pump and Weight Watchers! Highly recommended for any pumper. Not just for weight control, but diet control over all.