Starting from the beginning


So Im not really sure how to start but I thought this would be a good place. This is a Xanga (yeah bet you haven’t heard of that in a while) post I made the night before I found out I was diabetic. It’s actually really funny reading since I have grown so much since then. Well here it is.

I can not beleive I made it through this weekend alive. I am sure that all of these bad things came from waking up early and going to waffle house wednesday.

Thurday night I had to work freaking late as usual and then I was up all night on the computer and doing homework.

Friday was the real fun day though. I found out that my aunt died.(well she is my great aunt but saying that makes it sound like you didnt even know the person and I knew her very well.)

Oh and Friday my whole family went out of town.

I was so freaking tired friday and I was going to come home from school and go to sleep but I didnt so I went to go get peking and then went to the tanning beds. When I got home finally I cleaned and then fell asleep and had a bad bad bad dream. I told one person the dream and well they didnt think it was that bad I guess but it was one of those “real” dreams. Well I woke up to the phone ringing and I woke up so drowsy and out of it this made the whole situation alot worse so I answered the phone and there was someone on the other line just breathing so I hung up. Well then someone called me again from a blocked number. Well the person on the other line started freaking out and yelling where the f is Joe and is Joe okay and all kinds of stuff about Joe and then they hung up so that freaked me out. Well then James called and he said something to me but all I heard was Joe. So that just made me start freaking out about Joe. Well then the phone rings again and it is a guy from my work he apparently told me he was sick and had to go home but I guess since I was so freaked out I thought that someone got hurt or something so I told him that I would go to work. Well I was home alone and well It freaked me out more so I got in my car and called Joe asking him if he was okay and he informed me that he was in baton rouge at the jcl thing so that made me more nervious for him.

So Im going to skip some of the things that happened next because they are just alot of phone calles from and to people with me out of it the whole time. and I am just putting things together that I remember b/c I do not rember alot from friday.

Well then I get to work and noone is hurt so I had to freaking work the whole night and we were way behind so that sucked alot.

After work I went to Tiffanys house and stayed there for a while then went home.

When I got home I did something then went to bed and woke up 2 or 3 hours later to go to lafyette for the soccer tournment.

I sleept the whole way there and then when we got there me Megan and Tiffany watched the boys play soccer ALL DAY LONG. lol it was fun though.

I havent really been feeling good lately. Its hard to explain. Tired thirsty dizzy flu like. Who knows. Im sure its nothing and Ill just go back to my normal crazy Kim self but until then… Blah.

Well thats about it. I think Im going to bed im really sleepy and I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow. Peace

Well the whole phone call thing was real weird because I remember waking up in a total sweat and it was like when I wake up in the middle of the night with a low.

Anyways the next day at the doctor I found out I had type 1 diabetes. It was weird, but at the same time a relief because I finally knew why I was feeling so sick. The weird thing was when I found out my BG was about 600 and was probably like that for some time. I just thought I was sick and I couldn’t let that keep me down. I was lucky I didn’t find out in the hospital like most people do. I’m a country girl and I think of myself as being tuff and well this proves that . :slight_smile:

March 27 2006 I left the doctors office with my very first bottle of insulin. I have been through ALOT since then but I have been telling people this since I got diagnosed. This is less of a disease to me and more of a lifestyle change, and that is how I have dealing with it since then.

I really have been wanting to share my stories with people and thing this a great to do so. Oh and just to let ya’ll know I have different ways of dealing with this and some are not that wonderful so bare with all my bad stories and experiences it will all turn out okay in the end. As of now Im on an insulin pump with a real time sensor and it is awesome!!

So yeah Nice to be here!


Wow-so interesting to read your thoughts onoe day before your diagnosis. You are a a trooper! Amazing. Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad you’re on the pump and CGMS and happy! :slight_smile: