Starting in the middle

That’s what I feel like…like I’m starting in the middle right now. I’ve been on oral meds for T2 since November 2006. Still struggling with High A1c/daily bg and weight loss. Started 2006 as a full figured woman - 180 lbs at 5’ 0".
Today - still 5’ 0". Weighing in at 88 lbs. March 2008.

Dr I was seeing was keeping me alive and reminding me every few months that I would need to go on insulin. That was about the size of things. When I had to change insurance, I decided I needed to make a fresh start with a new Dr and found the DiabetesAmerica clinic has a office just down the street a couple miles from me. New clinic, new approach. Full battery of blood work done last week. Will know the results in another week.

Yes, I’m now on Lantus Solostar 7 units. The goal is to get my bg down, my weight back up another 12 lbs and find out why the oral meds haven’t been working. A1c was at 14 a week ago.

So here we are, 16 months after my first A1c , still at the same level. Okay, it has gone down to about 11 at one point, and then been going back up. Always higher bg reading first thing in the morning. Careful food monitoring can get it down to 125 by noon…IF I am VERY careful and VERY relaxed. Usually happens when I’m traveling. Not so much when I’m home and working.

Something has to change. While I hate being on insulin, I’m putting up with it for the time being. Much will depend on the blood workup that the new Dr. has ordered. Too early to tell if it is making enough of a difference here and now.

Anyone else lost weight? Getting tired of all the ads for diet aids…please…I need to lose weight like I need another hole in my head! Why is there the assumption that only heavy people have diabetes? Several people (diet educator as well!) have asked me to swear to them that I do NOT have an eating disorder. Yea, I’ve got a disorder…I LIKE FOOD!

Enough for today…more to follow!

If possible get up around 2-3 am and check you blood sugar. You could be experiencing dawn phenomena where your blood sugar dips to low and your body responds by having your liver dump glucose causing a spike in the morning. Mine was doing that and I fixed it by splitting my lantus dose in half and it has made a huge difference

Thanks for the idea. Now that I’ve been on the Lantus a week, I’m actually sleeping more. I think that I’m just not sleeping enough yet so my body is always in a ready to go state of mind.
I’ll try to check it after a few hours of sleep though!

If that is what it is talk to your doctor about splitting your dose in half. In a lot of people Lantus only lasts about 12 hours when it is supposed to last 24. I take 10 units at bedtime and then 60 units at lunch. That has kept my blood sugars under 200 almost all of the time.


You poor thing!

You probably don’t have Type 2!!! You’ve got the classic symtoms of Type 1 developing, and where was your past doctor’s head letting you walk around with that kind of A1c without insulin and lose so much weight?

I hope these new doctors will get you on both Lantus AND meal time insulin pronto. Your body seems to be starving to death which is what happens when you have no insulin being produced. You will feel SO much better when you get the right treatment.

But I am horrified that in this day and age a doctor could let you go through that.