Starting my diabetes blog here

Hi everyone,

This’ll be my first blog entry. Here a brief idea of what my life with diabetes has been like…

My parents are both diabetic. So I was expecting diabetes at some point in my life. So around 2004-ish, I saw A1Cs that were in the 9.0-10.0 range. My family doctor did nothing much at that point except refer me to an endo. I made some life style changes, i.e. stopped drinking soda pops and anything with sugar in it. I hated diet soda in the beginning, but got accustomed to it in about 6-8 months. So in 2005 or so, I saw my endo and with the test results I was put on Actos and Emeryl. I did well on Actos (with A1Cs in the range of 6.5). But I started to gain weight rapidly and my face looked swollen. During this period, I had severe chest pains and shortness of breath and was hospitalized. When I was released (was only a night), I stopped Actos and went on Metformin. Around 2008, I met with another endo and asked to be put on insulin because Metformin was not helping me control my BG. I started with Levemir and also added NovoRapid. However, I never achieved tight BG. In fact, my last A1Cs were 8.9, 7.9 and 8.4!

So it has been mostly a struggle for me with managing my BG. Last last year, I started investigating the insulin pump. After a lot of back and forth, I got my Animas Ping last Monday! The first three days were terrible, it seemed like the insulin was making no difference – I was as high as 18! So I changed the site, and started seeing better results thereafter.

While it is early in the insulin pump therapy, I like the pump. It seems to be lower stress and I am able to better manage my busy working schedule and family life – I have a 14 month old baby too!

So let’s see how this works out. But I was wondering… Anyone have experience with 6mm or 9mm infusion sets? I have a 9mm that I can try and see if it makes a difference in terms of better insulin absorption. I am not a heavy set, and weigh about 68.5kb or 151lb. I do have some fat around my belly however, but not excessive. I should cut it down, I suppose, at some point. :wink: