Starting on Dexcom

well ive had a alot of problems with lows since last summer when i had a 260 sugar drop to like 20 while driving and had a big accident and since then my dr has wanted me to get on a CGM and its on its way now and im just curious can it only go in the stomach or is that just where it is recommended to go? and also how is the insertion done?

The official Dex instructions approved by the FDA are for an abdominal insertion. People have had success wearing it other places. The insertion is pretty easy, there is a video showing it on the Dex website.

We watched the video over and over until I had it memorized. My son wears his on his “love handle” area, although he doesn’t actually have any - there is at least a soft spot there and there isn’t one on his stomach. I know people wear it on their upper butt, and on their upper arms as well.

I wear mine on my arms and thighs mostly. It is only FDA approved for the abdomen but you should play around with other sites until you find something that is comfortable for you. I’ve heard of people using all kinds of strange sites from calves to butts to backs… Insertion is pretty simple - although it can be more difficult when you use alternative sites. There are actually a lot of YouTube videos and things you can watch for ideas. Here are a few: