Static Electricity vs. the Pod

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I remember reading them over the past year, but never had a problem with losing a pod to static until yesterday. I have a couple of fleece pullovers that I have worn over the past couple of years and recently got a new pullover that has a slick liner. It is probably polyester but I am not sure. It is like the liners of many jackets. I think it is to make it “wind proof”. Anyway I have worn it maybe three times and it really creats static when I take it off. I remembered the posts that I have read and even commented to my wife last week that I need to be careful with this or I will lose a pod. It happened yesterday. I was taking it off, could hear all the snap/crackle of the static and then


The pod had been on less than 24 hours so I pulled most of the insulin out and reused it. I am thinking obout getting one of those stick on things you can put in the dryer for static and freshness.

VERY INTERESTING…never heard that before.

thats kinda funny that you mentioned that because it happened to me yesterday too. And I didnt even do anything I was just about to get out of bed. They just had me reset my pdm which they said disabled the pod but its still beeping in my garbage can now…

That just happened to me… My extra pod that I keep in my pouch just went off and when I called teck support she said it was from Static and it happens in the winter. A new one is in the mail. But it wasn’t on my body and still in the package.

Happens to me when I go skiing and just put the PDM in my jacket pocket. Static electricity is the enemy:).

Now, I put the PDM in a plastic baggie or its carrying case problem resolved. Live and learn I guess.

When a pod goes off due to static can we still just go to the pdm and treat it like we would change a normal pod ? Does it still communicate with it? Disconnect and start a new one? When mine went off it wasn’t on me so I didn’t have to do anything.

Yes. The Pod will alarm and the PDM will deliver a message like “Pod error, change Pod now” or something similar. It will prompt you to deactivate and then go through the normal steps to change a Pod.

Can anyone tell me the error code they got when this happened? I had a pod fail recently (and I was using a fleece blanket), and now I’m wondering if that was the reason…

Not sure Elizabeth. I am about 80% sure that it was a pod alarm Ref. #19-000-0000-00176. i went into my history and found an alarm that happened on a Wednesday. I know that was the day it happened and this is the only one I saw.

What do you mean by reset your pdm? Did you call these people while this beeping pod was on you and you couldn’t change it?

Such an interesting topic of conversation. What if you had on a Snuggie or the new Micro Fleece Snuggie, could you have a pod failure because of wearing a Snuggie?