Statin Drugs

I have been dragging my heels for several years now. My doctor wants me to take a statin drug because I am a Type 1 diabetic. My total cholesterol has ranged from 200 to 230 the last 5 years. My most recent (last week) was 219.

I have tried Simvistatin on two occasions for 2-3 weeks. Both times I saw an immediate rise in my blood sugar (most recently my 14 day average went from 140 to 160). My current doctor has asked me to try Lovastatin to see if it increases my blood sugar.

Mostly, I don't want to take a drug that may or may not be helping while causing side effects. Taking insulin the rest of my life—of course. Taking a statin drug the rest of my life—do I or don't I. I'm stuck!!!

Any thoughts appreciated....

Let me see if I can get this straight. First, your total cholesterol is 219, about as close to the normal value as you can get. Second, there is no apparent relationship between increased cholesterol values and increased heart attack risk for women. In fact, for older women, higher cholesterol seems to be protective. So if you are older than 50, you probably should be trying to increase your cholesterol.

So your real problem is that you have a statin deficiency. You have not been providing enough income to the pharmaceutical companies and that is why you have this terrible statin deficiency. I definitely think you should take a statin, in fact take several, it is not like they could actually hurt you. Or could they?

I do not see a resaon to take them. I had very high cholesterol, over 300. I take them because I have a reson to, but the side effects are not fun. So I cannot understand why anyone would want to take them if you dont need them. I think its because statin companies are just pushing them to make a buck.

My total cholesterol was 181 and I was put on simvastatin. Within 2 weeks I had an irregular heart beat. Doctor did the holter monitor, now wants the encho, but guess what. I stopped the med and the irregular heart beat is gone. I think statin could kill a person!

A critic of statins is Dr. Duane Graveline, here is his comment on women and cholesterol ( Another good index to information is Note that these groups are ‘critics’ of statin therapy. As you will often find with controversies, there are two sides to every argument and you can certainly make statistics lie. But just because a bunch of old white guys with ties to pharmaceutical companies got together in a back room to ‘vote’ on what the National Cholesterol Education Panel recommendations should say, that does not make it true or valid.

A really good book on the subject is Gary Taubes, “Good Calories Bad Calories” which is pretty objective on the whole matter, very thorough in its treatment and has lots and lots of references.

One of the experts I would point you to with forward thinking is Dr. William Davis of He used to favor cholesterol lowering, but has now changed his mind. He actually thinks inflamation is of more concern, from carbs, wheat and other things. He advocates vit D, fish oil and nutritional and lifestyle avoidance of heart disease. And of course he advocates certain ways of measuring plaque and treatments, but I have found him pretty inciteful.

Hope that helps.