Staying motivated

There've been a lot of discussions here on Tu lately about being being motivated to take care of diabetes, finding the positives amid the struggles, and not giving up. It inspired me to write today's post on my blog, Rolling in the D. You can read it here:

(as an added temptation, there's also a picture there of me as a baby).

Check it out!

Happy Birthday Scott! What a cutie, I see where your little ones get those baby good looks ;) Keep at it with the blog, I'm enjoying it!

Love the baby picture...and love the story! Celebrating or not, I wish you the best on your birthday and everyday!

Happy Birthday, Scott! I think it's fair to say that you're going to be motivated for many, many years to come.

Happy birthday scott, i would say blow out the candles and have the cake you can cover it! i love how you said in your blog that despite diabetes your life has been blessed and you are greatful for your family and all you have, how humble, this is so how i want my son to go into the world someday as an adult with D, i can sense your kind heart and resilient spirit, fight on, you have two great motivators now! best wishes, amy

Ok I'm a day late and a dollar short but what else is new>>>>> HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!!!!!! U're a whole month before my b-day! I was born on April 5th. I will try and remember that next year.

Thanks everyone for the kind replies! I guess Tu has too many members now so I got bumped off of the “birthday list” on the front page.

Jacob’s Mom, my week, overall, has been a big D-mess for the previous four days… what made me feel good on the 5th was getting my BGs back in control yesterday. That is even more satisfying than the cake I didn’t eat!

Scott, so glad things are better, were you having pump issues, sick? strange to have a 4 day bad stretch, i would be pulling my hair out! so far our crazy blood sugar days have been mainly related to omnipod issues ( absorption issues, errors,post change highs) or sickness, luckily things have settled out a bit at least for this week anyways! glad things are better, i really have enjoyed your input when ever you pop up here, you have a calmness and a this is reality why buck it attitude that i really like, stay positive, hug those boys as much as you can, they grow fast! remember to get some audio on those sweet voices someday you will forget how adorable they were! hoping for a good long even stretch for you! amy

Let's see Amy (much easier than saying Jacob's mom!... although all of my older son's classmates call me "Joshua's Dad")... not sick. I had a pump site that quit on me at the same time as my CGM did, I had some bad meal choices, I had spontaneous gigantic air-bubbles in my reservoir (at the same time as the bad meal choice). So, mostly, it was a combination of bad luck and bad choices. But I'm all better now, thanks for asking.

Sometimes you need to fall off the wagon - it's a reminder to hold on tight over the bumpy parts.

you should write a book someday! glad things are better! amy