Staying On Track

Look it’s pretty darn hard to do, my doctor told me recently that because I am a teen(16) that hormones were out of whack, and insulin needed to be adjusted accordingly. I was wondering, is this true or is it because I am a huge eater. I mean I weigh what 170, that’s pretty damn high for my age, at least I think it is?

Yes that is true. Insulin is a hormone so like all hormones, it depends on day to day how your body is going to react to it. Growth spurts can also affect your blood sugar. And as far as weight, it also depends on how tall you are.

well i’m about 5’9 5’10 something like that

Your doc is absolutely right - hormonal changes do affect how much insulin you need to take. The amount of insulin you take also changes depending on how much food you eat as well. Other examples include how much physical activity you do, if you get sick, and stress.

I agree- it can be pretty darn hard to do (staying on track!). Just keep on keeping on, doing the best you can and learning as much as you can - knowledge is power.

Thank you all, just to say, i’m now very glad that I came here.