Stem Cell Miracle Treatments ... Buyer Beware

I posted this in the JDRF/LinkedIn Group, but feel like the information is so important that I wanted it to share it here as well. Stem cells may be the answers were looking for, but not yet.

There was a big discussion about Cellonis Biotechnologies out of China ( ) and the $25,000 treatment they are offering. It just seemed so fishy with only press releases flying around and non of the major medical websites saying a word about it. Finally I found some proper news coverage and assessment of this type of business ... buyer beware.

also, using a link from the NPR story above ( ) I have submitted & Cellonis Biotechnologies for review to the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) - an independent, nonprofit organization formed in 2002 to foster the exchange of information on stem cell research located in Illinois. If I get a response from them I'll post it.