Today my blood sugar average is 191… anyone who’s read my blog on here sees why that is such a victory for me.

My 7-day average is 285 and 14-day is 306. THis is a VAST improvement.

Today’s fantastic numbers are without even using any short-acting, as i was on my feet walking at work for 8 hours. Keep in mind, i just quit my desk-job of 2 years on thursday… exercise was a non factor for those two years, so my body is FREAKING out.

Everyone pray for me as i work slowwwly toward my goal. I’d like my A1C to be a 9 (or an average of about 240 before 2009 ends.

Every little bit lower helps! Congratulations on your work so far to tighten your control. It’s not easy. Especially with your history. But it is very important. As are you.

It’s pretty tough for a person with no insulin production to live without SOME rapid-acting each day. Even with a lot of physical activity, your cells still need some rapid-acting to let the glucose in to fuel your body.

I know you know that. Your body may feel awful not only in response to adjusting to lower glucose levels. It may be starving for some fuel. Which it can’t get/use without insulin.

Just sending a little encouragement your way …

Goooooo you, you can do it :o)