Step Out & Win

Did you ever see the movie Meatballs? That about sums up my summer camp experience. I spent 8 summers away from home and I have great memories of that time. Got more independent, took on more responsibility and (ahem) may have learned just a little bit about boys.

I'm hoping my children have almost as much fun now that they've started sleep-away camp. This was my daughter's third summer and I mentioned a few weeks ago that Benny had a blast at our local diabetes program. His first time away from home was a big success and he's already looking forward to next year.

Not quite the same as a trip back to camp, but Benny will get to see some of his friends and counselors in a few weeks. That's because the folks at Camp Carolina Trails are organizing a reunion at our local ADA Diabetes Walk - and giving away a FREE week of camp to one lucky family.

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