Stepping it up for 2017 - Resolutions/Mixing it Up for better control - better health!

So each year I try to mix something up or try something new to make sure I’m taking the best care of myself possible.

What is everyone doing this year to improve their control/health?

Last year I finally got a Dexcom (this was a big win!)

This year I am going to rotate my infusion sites in a more organized fashion and make sure my site are all working well (just started two weeks ago - didn’t have a knew idea to try on Jan. 1st). I decided upon this after finding this new online application: inSite. I purchased one of their omnipod cases a long time ago so I’ve heard of Freed DM before.

Anyways if anyone else is interesting in this type of resolution for 2017 you should check out their site/video. I’ve logged 3 sites so far … we’ll see if a pattern emerges.

If anyone has any other ideas let me know… two improvements in a year seem doable :grinning:

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I am working hard to get to the Minimed 670G when it comes out in June.


I will send you all my questions. I believe there will be no 670G in the near future in my country. But having other´s people opinion will be super interesting.