Steroids - record TDD!

I'm on 30mg of Prednisolone a day for a chest infection - TDD gone up from around 40 to 140u! No way i'd have dared to increase it by that much on MDI but it seems to be working. Dexcom shows I'm going low around dawn so have reduced my basal for a few hours then which seems strange since i normally have a very strong DP but presumably that's just when i have the lowest amount of steroids on my system? haven't been able to find much of any use about steroids and insulin online - has anyone else had similar experiences?

You are correct, your lowest amount of steroid will be in the early AM. I also had raging DP before I started taking prednisone but it's pale in comparison to what the prednisone does to me. I take it every day at 9:00am. My basal takes a huge increase during the day and I lie to my bolus wizard and double my carb count for lunch (YMMV). My insulin requirements are a little higher during the night but from 5am to 7pm my basal is double what it was before I started taking the Prednisone. My first dose was 250mg and they had me on a novolog drip, my BG was never under 200mg/dL . After a few days they started reducing my dose 20mg each day until I reached 10mg and I will stay at this level probably forever. I suspect you are taking a standard series of Prednisone and your dose will taper off to zero after a short time. Just do the best you can..It took me about two weeks for my BG to stabilize after I reached my 10mg fixed dose. My BG is good now it just takes a lot more insulin.