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How does one person even get away with saying things like this!?

Watching that video it seemed like he was on drugs and that he just really wanted to find an excuse to bounce from the event.

What an a-hole!

And I got the thing in my email about the words… I was typing fast.

It saddens me really. Never thought about the possibility he could have been on drugs.

Seems he was exploiting the event for his own self-serving attention and agenda. It would have been better if he had just quietly gone away if he didn’t like what was on the menu. Instead, he made a scene. His actions are the epitome of selfishness.

There’s a whole uproar on facebook. A lot of people who are Vegan said he did the right thing… And they say “we’re” the ones with problems because we’ve expressed the anger towards him.

It is called freedom of speech! Not that I agree with him! I am a confirmed meataholic and though my parents went through a vegetarian stage I became anaemic and rebelled. I now believe in everything in moderation (even sugar when hypo!)

Agreed it’s freedom of speech, just poorly given. They offered to buy him a cheese pizza…

It’s much more than exercising one’s right to free speech. It’s also being rude and uncouth. It’s too bad the chap couldn’t find a dignified way to get his point across without being so destructive and disruptive.

Does anyone really take this idiot seriously? He seems high as a kite to me!

I like to tell the following story. Years ago, I lived on a mountain in NH, way up on the mountain. One day a young couple came walking down the dirt road and came up to my house. They were from (insert favorite religion) and I said “Stop right there, does your religion have human sacrifice?” They looked at me dumbfounded and said “Of course not.” So I said, “Well that is too new fangled for me, I am not interested and I shut the door.” I was never bothered after that.

The man staples his testicles to his leg- Enough said.