Stick with Accuchek or change to Animas?

I am in the UK and my AccuChek Spirit is up for renewal. I can stick with AccuChek and get a Combo or I may look at Animas.
What can you do to convince me to stick with AccuChek?? I must say I have always been happy with the pump and customer service etc.
(PS Funding not an issue as I get it free on the lovely NHS!!)

Hi Dee.
Thanks for the question. All I can do is echo what you've already said: our customer care is great. I know you're in the UK, but we're also on Twitter @accuchek_us and you can ping us there anytime. :-)
Other than that, I think you'll really like the remote capabilities of Combo.
Please feel free to ask me any questions here, or reach out on Twitter at either @RotoTok (me) or @accuchek_us.



Thanks Rob
Is the only difference that the Combo has the remote and the Aviva Expert meter in one? I already use the stand alone Expert meter and to be honest prefer an app that I have on my phone for the carb/bolus bit.
Thanks for th Twitter links, I'll pop over and follow!