Sticking it to the Stewardess!


What a stressful term. Apart from The whole diabetes thing, I’ve had work, school, assignments and more work! I’ve found it hard to find the time to really sit down and really think about the diagnosis, how its going to effect me and how my life will change form it. So, this is my little ‘mind map’ at the moment. :slight_smile:

Excuse my tangents. :slight_smile:

Its weird because my brother David has had T1 for 5 years and I didn’t realise how little, I really knew about it and how i didn’t really know what he goes through every day. It takes up such a chunk of my time, thinking about it, thinking about food, if I need to eat and what I can eat. My lifestyle has always been so free flowing! Just get up and go without much of a plan. Boy is that changing!

Everyone keeps telling me that it, “becomes part of your every day” and “you’ll get used t it”. Which I get, but, my life will never be the same again. Getting used to that fact is going to be the hardest thing.

Anyway, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

So I’m on holidays and have two assignments due after holidays which is great! (We’ve had about 6 going at once over the last term, right when I got diagnosed!) We’ve started learning to shoot in digital… hold on i forgot to tell you, I’m a photography student. Anyway, I’m stoked about that, I’m no good with the film, except B+W. I love being in the darkroom and am going to make the most of it in the holidays as we have full access to the campus! YAY!!!

I’m going to Melbourne with my family for four days which will be great! I haven’t been on a plane since last year and have never been to Melbourne before. The thing people don’t realise about Australia is that the cities are really far away from each other and you can’t just go for a two hour drive to the next state. When I backpacked around Europe last year I realised how close everything is! There are so many different cultures, languages and landscapes so close together! Amazing!

So, I’m off on a holiday, just what I need to unwind. Or are there more stresses waiting for me? Can i take my needles on the plane? I don’t even know where to find out that info! All that aside, I think dealing with my mums fear of flying will be more stressful than worrying about me accidentally jabbing a stewardess! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(you’ll be right mum) :slight_smile:

Well thats it for now.
Peace Love Empathy

Great post good to see you working through things. Putting your thoughts down. And talking with others with T1 diabeties. I laughted so much about what you wrote about me on the plane, no need to worry Linnie I’ll be right. I think. Luv Mum xxx