Sticking Needle

I am on the second box of Pods for this three-box, three month supply. I had no problems with the first box of Pods, but the first five Pods of this second box have given me problems (Lot L41153). Each time I hit the "start" button, the Pod ticks down and then the needle inserts the cannula. Unfortunately, then I hear a quick second "click" as the needle seems to get stuck or hung-up in trying to retract. The whole process is PAINFUL, and this has never happened to me in the last 5+ years of using the Pod. Is anyone else having this problem?

I had one "stick" before, about two weeks ago now. I didn't hear or feel it deploy and was left wondering if it had or not. About an hour or so later, thankfully during a quiet part on television, my husband and I both heard it deploy and I felt it too; much more painful than before. This just happened the one time and I am still in the same box. I know when I push "start" I am a bit skeptical and quite thankful when it does deploy, when it should!

Thats not good at all. I am not having this problem, but whenever something does happen, I’m quick to call Insulet support and they have always been quick to deal with the issue. That many in one box/lot, I would definately call them and aslk to have the whole box replaced. I did get a box replaced when I had repeated issues with fluctuating BG’s for no reason. New box, problem gone. Good luck.

I had three instances in the last box, and you're right: it hurts, especially that first time when you aren't expecting it! The problem is not consistent though, and the latest box has been problem-free. If it happens again I'll call Insulet product support.

I have had this problem as well, on several pods. If I don't hear the second click of the needle retracting, I will flick the pod with my nail and that usually does the trick. I haven't called Insulet because I haven't really kept track of the ones it happens to, and they don't need to be replaced because they function properly. I think though I will start writing them down and call Insulet as an FYI.

I've had this happen a few times. Never on the older larger pods, but the new one's don't seem to have as good of a spring system, and the needle does get stuck in the down position at times. I've told Insulet about this a few times when I've called to order or replace defective pods. Almost makes me wish they had a manual canula insertion method instead of the automated one. I'd feel much better about having more control of this process.

My cannula always deploys, but when the needle tries to retract, it gets hung up going back into the Pod. Every time that happens, it really hurts like it is moving or ripping out. OUCH! I have also noticed that when I change these Pods, I always end up with a good bruise. I have to change tonight, so I will see if this happens again. If it does, I definitely will call Insulet.

I have to change the Pod tonight, and half of me says that I should try one more Pod from this box to see if I have 6 out of 6 that are bad, but the other half of me wants to try a Pod from a new box to see if it will go better. Sigh. I'll let you know what happens...

I agree that the Pods always work, so there is no need to replace them. I just don't want the pain to continue. A couple of them have been quite sore the whole three days that they are on. I have used (and loved) the OmniPod for over 5 years, and this is the first time I have experienced more than a momentary pain when the needle inserts the cannula. I hope this is just a fluke that Insulet has fixed.

I've had this happening repeatedly with my current shipment, Lot L41072. I have about 5 pods left and of the 30, I'd say at least 15 didn't insert correctly. Most of them worked all the way through, but I've had 3 or 4 fail, one of those was an occlusion.

When I called to report the occlusion, they weren't going to replace it, until I insisted that it was because they haven't been inserting correctly. That last time they asked me to send them the next pod that I had this problem with and sent me the return materials with the last replacement pod. It's good to know it's not just me... seems they have a problem to fix!

Has anyone had this sticking issue when using a pod with that came with the updated syringes (the ones without the black gasket)?

I've used 4 of these newer ones and have not had any sticking issues yet. I know that's a small sample size, but the insertion experience with those has been good for me so far.

I've gotten three 'replacements' for sticking pods that failed. They all came w/ the new syringe and didn't have a problem with any of them.

I started the newer pods last week, the ones with the new syringe. So far they seem to be quite a bit better on canula insertion. I also like the new syringe, as I find it easier to get less bubbles, and much less wasteful on insulin.

I have not gotten any Pods with the new syringe yet, but I am expecting a shipment in November, and I assume they will have the new syringe. The sticking Pods that I mentioned earlier all were with the old rubber-gasket syringe. The last two Pods that I put on were fine, so I am hoping that the run of "bad" Pods is now complete. Since my problem was with deployment of the cannula, I think that the syringe has little or no effect on the cannula deployment.