Still in Ohio. :)

It is Saturday the 2nd of apirl. And I have not bloged like I said I was going to do last Friday. But like I said I am still in Ohio. I am going home on Sunday the 3rd with my mom and Grandma Cass. I guess I will play back the week I have had.

Last Saturday, the day we got here. We want shopping, we also want out to eat. We want to about 5 differnt stores in about 5 or 6 hours i think. When we got back to my aunts house we put the stuff away. Watched T.V. Than we got around and want to my cuz Jen’s house to visted with my aunt and cuz and my Cuz Dawn’s baby Girl. We stayed there visting for about 7 hours. We did not get back to my aunts house intell about 3:00am. The next day was church, we did not think we were going to make it to church. But around 8:30am, My mom comes out and tells my aunt “get up mother is getting dressed for church get up and get around!” Than she comes and tells me that I need to get up and eat and get dressed for church. So about 9:00am or so i want and got around. And I dont know why but it toke me about 1 hour to get dressed do my make-up and hair, brush my teeth.

We did not do nothing on monday my aunt wanted to give the dog a bath and pay bills and other stuff.

We want to the mall. My mom and I need to get a dress for my brothers A’s wedding in June. We spent about half the day there. Than we want to eat out for my Grandma’s Birthday next week. Than we want to the goodwill and book store. Than we want home.

We did but watched movies for the libery.

We want to my Aunt Sues house well I guess she is my great aunt. My grandmas sister. My grnadma and the olders of 9 kids. We see cuz that I never have meet before unless it was when I was little. Than we want home and eat and watched movies and sleeped.

We stayed home and watched moives and want to my aunt beths house and see my cuzs little kids that I have not see. Than we come home and eat. Than weant to my cuz Jen’s house again and visted with my aunt and cuz’s. We were there intell about 1:00am or 2:00am i dont reamber.

We want to the labary. Watched a movie and than want to town cause my aunt need food couse she is working 1st shift this week. We come home and eat and than I am sitting here writing about what I did the last week.

Sunday the next day.
We are going to church and eatting there. Than we are going home about 1:00pm Than I am going to youth group hopefully.

Jaime Rosaile Chaffin