Still ok?

So, I’m 32 weeks along in this pregnancy, mostly doing great, but have been battling highs for several weeks (with compensatory changes weekly by my endo’s office and frankly, on my own). My latest A1c comes back this AM… 6.1. It had been 5.4 and 5.6 during the first and second trimesters, respectively. I knew to expect it to creep up, but I’m disappointed.

How aggressive were you all (who have been or are in pregnancies) with making these 2nd/3rd trimester changes? Should I be pushing more?


Hi!! I hope you’re otherwise doing well! With my last pregnancy (TWINS!), my A1c floated between 6 and 6.1 the entire time and my twins were born 100% healthy at 34 weeks. Even 6 weeks early, they didn’t need help breathing, didn’t need glucose, etc. They were/are perfect! :slight_smile: (They’re nearly 7 months old now!) It’s actually good that you’re still having highs because it means that the placenta is still functioning well. I was starting to see a decrease in insulin needs by 32 weeks with my twins so it was good that they were born when they were. The last months of pregnancy with D are SO hard…hang in there. :slight_smile: With my daughter, who made it to nearly 39 weeks, I remember feeling SO burned out, in terms of taking care of my blood sugars, by the end of the pregnancy. You’re almost there!!! :slight_smile:

Warm Wishes,
T1 for 30 years, diagnosed at age 3
Mama to a 2 year old daughter and 7 month old twin sons :slight_smile: