Still pregnant!

I’m now just a couple of days shy of 36 weeks, and things are going well!! I still don’t have any signs of pre-eclampsia, and I pray that I won’t get it. I’m still checking my bp each day and checking my urine every morning for protein and ketones. I have had a couple of instances of ketones but never because of a high bg; I chug water and eat carbs and they go away pretty quickly. So I have to be super vigilant about eating a bedtime snack, which I don’t like because I feel like I have already gained so much weight and I don’t like to eat when I’m not hungry!
At her last measurement last week, our baby measured in the 37th percentile, which is great! She is no longer too small and seems to be growing well. My fluid levels are on the low side, but still within normal range. My bg’s have been surprisingly easy to control, too!! I don’t have any crazy spikes, but I my insulin requirements have doubled. I also have to bolus at least 30 minutes in advance of breakfast and dinner, or I will have a postprandial of over 140, which the docs want me to avoid.
At one of our appointments, we got some 4D pictures of the baby!! We were so excited to see what she’ll look like. She had her hand in front of her face the whole time, but we were still able to see some of her face! Here’s one of the photos:

So now we just have to wait for her arrival. ;) We've been praying that she'll stay put and won't arrive too early, but now that I'm almost 36 weeks, that possibility is increasingly less of a concern. But every day counts, so hopefully we'll make it to the planned C-section date of 12/29! Now we just have to finish getting our house in order and get the last-minute things we'll need for when we bring her home! Any moms out there have any advice on what items they found indespensible for their newborn?? I'm all ears! :)

I love the picture - how very neat! Keep your feet up, rest - rest - rest!! Enjoy the birth of your daughter.

What a cutie pie! I am so happy for you and your family. I will pray for the continued safety and health of your baby and you.


Thanks for keeping us posted, and congratulations!

Hoorah! How exciting!! Glad to hear that things have been going so smoothly and she is growing well!!

As someone planning pregnancy, I’m curious: is the decision to have a c-section diabetes-related?

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!! Debb, thank you for the advice. And yes, the grandparents are sooooo excited, as she is the first grandchild on both sides!
Kristin, nope, the C-section has nothing to do with my T1. I broke my pelvis in a car accident several years ago and the ER docs told me then that I’d probably have to have a C-section if I ever wanted to have a baby. Sure enough, I gave my Xray records to the perinatalogists that I see, and they said that it would be probably be very difficult to get the baby’s head out, so they recommended a C-section. I kind of expected it, and I don’t want to labor for hours and hours just to end up with a C-section anyway, so a C-section it is!
I think some women with D opt to have a C-section because of their D. I might have also considered that if I hadn’t had the pelvis issue… I’ve had T1 for a long time and I’ve heard that labor can be hard on your eyes. Not sure how true that is, but I would probably have considered that aspect.

Thanks for the info Katie! I will also consider a c-section and was just wondering about the reasoning.

I’m so excited for you!! and will look forward to news when you have time to update us!!

Congrats for being almost done, Katie. I was just wondering about you the other day and thought I’d check in on you. Sounds like you’ve had a great pregnancy and your little girl will be here in a few weeks. Yay, she’ll be an extra special gift to start out the New Year and just in time for taxes. Hope you are getting some rest before she makes her appearance. Any names picked out?

Katie! Thanks for the reply regarding the 1/2 marathon. It’s encouraging to see other diabetics doing it and surviving :wink: I think it’s scary because on a treadmill you can step off and get some juice or tabs, but running outdoors is different and a little scary for me!
I’m glad to hear about your pregnancy going so well. My husband and I are not planning on having kids for a few more years, but ever since my diagnosis (2001) I have sort of been freaking out about all of the possible complications (Steel Magnolia’s? Hello?). Shortly after I was diagnosed, a grossly obese type 2 told me that her doctor told her to forget having kids and that I should probably forget it too. Ack! It’s funny how those things stick with you, even if you know they’re wrong. Were you worried about pregnancy? How often do you have to see your doctor? Were there certain things your doctor wanted you to do before getting pregnant? I have the idea that you pretty much have to be perfect with perfect numbers for 9 months and that seems completely unrealistic. I hope you don’t mind me asking these questions. I know another woman that is type 1 and has 3 kids but she is not responsible at all and I don’t ask her questions about her pregnancy because she just sort of winged it and hoped for the best…not the way I want to handle my future pregnancies. Anyway, I appreciate your take on diabetes and pregnancy and I like the way you are handling it…not in a freaked out sort of way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Hang in there!
The first 90 days with a newborn were hard for me to keep my bg’s in control, and I wasn’t even dealing with the postpartum stuff my wife was, just the sleep deprivation and altered schedule. So be sure to continue those good health habits after your baby’s birth. It’s a wonderful time. As you take care of your baby be sure you take care of yourself, too.