Still running high

well I’m still averaging about 170
My doctor increased my meds
My diet is better
But my stress is high and I’ve gone from exercising 4-5 times a week to not at all.
and that damned halloween candy is taunting me from the cabinet

it’s so hard to change my entire lifestyle

Have you talked to your doctor about starting on insulin?

Some people find that even taking a basal (background) insulin 1-2 times a day makes a BIG difference. Alternatively you might take insulin just with meals. People with type 1 need both, but often people with LADA can start with just one or the other. Insulin shots seem scary, but from my experience, I can say that injecting insulin was the easiest lifestyle change. Changing my diet and constantly monitoring my blood sugars (while still trying to live a life) was much harder. It might be time to start on insulin.

I’ve been averaging around 170 the past few days and I feel crumby compared to my previous average of 125-130.

The doctor has suggested insulin. But I’m wary of it. I was on insulin when I was pregnant and it was a frightening experience back then. I’ve been slowly considering it again.
Once a day doesnt sound so bad though.

Eventhough, I am a new diabetic & don’t have alot of experience, I wanted to share my story. I was first started on Metformin and Glucatrol orally. With my sugars still running 150-230 (on a good diet & no excerise), my endo just started (Wednesday) me on Lantus. I am taking 6 units once daily, because of my Type 1.5 (LADA) I am insulin sensitive, that is why such a small dose. the last few mornings my fasting sugars have been 125! Not a huge difference, YET! I am excited to see what the next few weeks bring for me, I shooting for 110. I know what you mean…I could have killed my husband for bringing a 5lbs bag of candy bars home! Don’t be scared…you’ll get over this bump in the road :slight_smile: