Still Unemployed, But hanging in there

I quit using my meter more than 1 or two times every week. I can’t afford strips. And since I am not taking insulin yet, I do not need to closely monitor my glucose because --ba dum bum-- there’s nothing I can do about it if it is high. All I can really do is wait and hope it comes down. And don’t eat anything until it does come back down . I’m having problems swallowing food. That’s actually helpful, because I can’t afford to buy a lot of food. I make sure we have dinner food, and lunch food for my husband. Most of the time I eat one or two meals a day. And that is hard for me to get through. But despite budget enforced food rationing, I am not losing weight, So clearly my insulin is still high.

We have insurance again, but I can’t really afford a lot of visits/rx’s. I still need to find a new primary and a new endo. I still need another job.