Stomach pressure and Nausia in the mornings?

So I have tested positive for H. Pylori 4 times in the last year and a half. The heartburn is pretty much gone now, but it was replaced by this feeling of needing to puke every morning. Most of the time it goes away after about an hour, but there have been a few times that it actually goes through with the urge. The thing that has me nervous is the color of the exiting fluid. It is like a neon green. The only other time i have seen this color come out of me was when i had an 11 hour insulin reaction. I tested at 9 am and it was 34 went upstairs to get some juice and thats the last i remember till 11 pm. Brother called EMS and because of the neon fluid i had been spewing they thought i ODed on heroin or some other drug. The carpet looked as if someone had spilled a green glow stick or 12 near my face. Any ideas on what I may be expieriencing? The doctors are also at a loss. Thanks