Stop it!

I'm just 1 of many voices here but I REALLY want all here to understand wheither u are a Type, Type 2 or a LADA we all have diabetes and need to take the right steps to take care of ourselves!!! It just seems to me that that argument keeps going here and I don't know about other's here but I look upon this site as a way to LEARN. U guys come on now! PPL of all sides (I'm sure) have their opinions. All I know about talking about is a Type 1's point of view. My grandfather and father were both Type 2's and me & my daughter are Type 1's but I know it was hard for them, just like it was for me when I found out. Diabetes is really a personal journey. No matter which Type u have u must find what works FOR YOU!

PLEASE MAKE THIS A DAY TO STOP IT!!! ( I will admit I have done more than my share comparing over the years but this site is to help % educate not make one or the other feel bad b/c "Mines worse than yours)

That’s Type 1 ,Type 2, or Type 1.5. I am learning about the other Types just like everyone here is.

Hear Hear Doris,
Well said I have never discrimanted against anyone esp another diabetic and whenever I see posts about that I just
move on because I just do not see the point,I mean we all have a hardtime with it and we should be supporting one another and educating each other to make our lives that little bit easier.
Well done my friend agree with you 100000000000000000000000000000000 per

Thank You Osob!!!

Agreed Doris, I now try very hard to avoid thos conversations, I’ve lost family to type 1, and type 2, whatever the causes or reasons, we’re all in this boat together, and we need to stop hurling insults and slights to one another.

My problem is I will read them then work myself up into a frinzy. After that I will answer. UGH not the best advice there for me! My fingers seem to overload my mind! I have been known to fire off some HOT answers. LOL!

The type in-fighting is ridiculous. It kills us the same way. T1 or T2 your eyes will bleed the same way.

A good practical debate can usually prevent misinformation from spreading. But when it gets too emotional then it’s time to stop.
I hope this isn’t about the “diabetes civil war” thread. I thought that was quite interesting.

I agree…I have gotten bad remarks when I was on another diabetes forum such as “you dont know corrections?? how cna you not know corrections??”, or “How can you be a type 1 with great A1C. that is impossible to achieve with only 2 shots a day or 3 shots a day”. Boy was I so hurt I left. I only gotten one bad comment on here but other than that, mostly supportive people that gave me their input on how things work for them and how it can possibly help me. Everyone’s treatment is different and works for that person. sometimes it doesn’t work and need to change it. But we all have type 1 or 2 or 1.5 but again the treatment is different.

No Mikey it wasn’t. I just want other’s here to help each other not get weaighed down by Types.

I think the main reason this site is here is to help each other.

Too ture Pete!

as it should be. Not to tell you that you are doing something wrong but to give input what works and what doesn’t. What will be best is what you know what will.

There u go!

for me treatment was 2 shots a day of mixed insulin then it stopped working. Now I’ll be on the pump…So what if I do not know corrections or never did I:C ratio. I’ll be learning and will do just fine pumping and can not wait another day for it! CGMing thus far has been wonderful.

Each to their own. Give inputs and advice, not scolding or rude comments.

hehehe I am my father’s child and both he and my g-mother from my mom’s side tend to blow up easily soooooooooo. LOL! I got it honestly as they say! LOL!

Thank you because if we don’t stop, I’d be in conflict with myself: I was misdiagnosed a T2 and then properly diagnosed as a T1, which I learned, due to the age at onset, is sometimes called T1.5. Now, thanks to your post, maybe the voices in my head will be inclined to stop arguing with each other. :slight_smile:

LOL! Sorry Donna but HAD to laugh at that!

that’s what all here should do. Nust input and advice no rude comments or scolding… We KNOW we NEED a site like this

::nods:: exactly!