Stop the madness, Night eating

How do I stop the late night eating “after 10 pm” when everyone goes to bed.
I feel no one can tell me what to do now, no one is watching what I’m eating.
But I’m just hurting myself. What the hell is the matter with me!

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Just one possibility - Carbs beget carbs, the more you eat, the more you crave. Try Low Carb High Fat diet for 1 month and you will most likely see loss of those cravings within about 1 week. Go for Keto for 30 days. Best not to go it alone or at least talk to someone that has done it so you can gety advice on keto flu, electrolyte replacement, etc.

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Sing it, sister! It is ridiculously hard, when it should be so easy! But you can do it. A few things that have helped me…

  1. I go to bed. No, really
  2. I eat a hard boiled egg first. If that sounds terrible - and it almost always does - that is enough to snap me out of wanting to eat. If it sounds good I eat it, and then I don’t want to eat anymore. LOL
  3. I eat to my meter. Testing frequently is the single biggest deterrent I have. I know where I start feeling terrible and I do not want to go back there, ever. If a food is going to spike me past that point, just knowing that is enough to keep me from eating it.

You can do this. We both can.


“I feel no one can tell me what to do now, no one is watching what I’m eating.”

To me it sounds like you are feeling judged by those around you. I think you probably need to have a talk with whoever it is to get them to stop. You don’t say you’re actually hungry, just that you want to eat and no one can say anything.

Have that talk with that someone, because right now it sounds like you are on your way to making yourself into having an eating disorder.

It is an awful feeling to be hit with an almost undeniable urge. You feel like you just can’t win and it never stops.

Sometimes you win and sometime the carbs win. If you can string some wins out in a row it gets a little, just a little easier each time.

Sometimes its two step forward and 1 step back or 2 forward and 3 back, it is important to keep making forward steps or your only going backwards

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I’m a late night snacker too… as far as blood sugars go just avoid carbs… instead; nuts, meats, cheeses, etc.

Be advised that snacking late at night before laying down is believed to exponentially increases risk for esophageal and other cancers… those risks are believed to be somewhat mitigated by not laying down, or to a lesser extent; sleeping with upper body elevated for hours after eating

I’ve heard some people say drinking a glass of water before you eat tends to fill you up so you don’t eat as much, controlling your portions