(Stopping and) Restarting Metformin

Decided to experiment with dropping my metformin about 1.5 weeks ago. (Endo had said as a LADA, I may or may not need it.) I've already noticed my I:C ratios changing quite a bit and have needed to bump up my basal a little. And I'm guessing that's still with a bit of residual met in my system. Total daily dose has gone from 10-12u/day to 15-18. Which may not seem like a big change to some folks, but it's certainly much more than I'm used to.

So, as I'm leaning towards adding the pills back in, I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on jumping directly back to the maximum dosage vs bumping up slowly. The metformin hadn't been causing any tummy troubles, but I worry about going from nothing to the max. If anyone has thoughts on T1s on metformin, I'd be interested in hearing others' experiences too.


As a Type 1, what would be your reasoning for taking Metformin? Do you have insulin resistance?

I was taking it due to a misdiagnosis of type 2 originally. When I started on insulin while honeymooning, my endo thought it might keep insulin needs lower, so I stayed on the metformin at that point. But we've more recently been discussing whether I needed it or not - hence the recent experiment with stopping it.

So I don't know whether I'm truly insulin-resistant, but it looks like the metformin was helping somewhat. Now it's a matter of deciding whether it's worth going back on the pills or not.

Thanks for the explanation, roodgirl!