Stopping Insulin

Now that I know this pregnancy is not viable, I guess I can stop insulin and go back to very low carb diet again.

I did eat about 60 g of carb at lunch time (with plenty of fat) and got a 2-hr post of 160! Not good. But that was a bit stupid to eat that much carb in 1 sitting.

Pros: No insulin + very low carb = limited testing requirements, no shots.


  • May not really get optimal blood sugar levels without insulin, and it is so hard to be so super strict with carbs all the time.
  • I have 2 cartridges of insulin already in the pens and if i don’t use it I’ll have to throw it away - a waste of money.

My endo thinks I am GD and will recommend I stop the insulin, regardless. But I am used to going this myself anyway, so that doesn’t phase me.

Am so sorry to hear about your baby.

It is difficult to be super diligent about carbs, especially when there’s wiggle room. Yep, you’d still be testing to be sure. Hard decision. Whatever route results in good BG is the way to go.

I’m so sorry to hear about your pregnancy Sally. I know how hard you worked on your diabetes management to get there. Hang in there and treat yourself well. Hug the little rabbit ears.