Story about my type2

I didn’t know exactly when I have diabetes mellitus (DM), at the beginning of 2007, I feel my weight started to drop month by month. My height is 175cm, I used to have an ideal everage weight 75kg before I have DM.

On May 2007, my weight droped to 65kg, I were looked very skinny. I decided to have general checkup, and I consult to my doctor, the final result is “I was diagnosed as diabetic type2” with 260 blood glucose 2 hours after meal.

My parent have 12 children, eight of them have DM, one of them is me. My mother have DM since she was young, but she do hard to manage her DM with a very discipline diet and exercises. She did not have any medicine because she afraid of the side effect. She live until 85 years old.

I learned a lot of from my mother how she managed her DM with a discipline diet. I tried to follow her ways, but I was failed, because my job is marketing that forced me to have long travel each month. I did not have discipline diet, my blood glucose/sugar still very high. Untill January 2008, I did not have any progress yet with my diet, my blood glucose still above 230 after 2 hours meal. I am not as good as my mother….yeah……!!!

February 2008, I decided to consume herbal to treat my DM. Now I am having 5 month herbal tea, it seem my blood glucose comes to normal 127, two hours after meal.

I am very happy join this community which I can not find in Indonesia language, even I have to translate into English, but I try do my best.

Nice to meet you all here.


Hi Ruslan, what herbal tea are you using? Its really great that you staying so positive about your illness! Welcome to the group and hope you find this informative aswell as supportive!