Strange experience today

Today I had the weirdest thing happen.
i was playing airsoft, tripped, and landed on my shoulder.

i stood up and was able to finish my game (like, 30 seconds) but a few seconds after that, i started to feel off... I was breathing REALLY hard for the amount of running that I did. I even remember thinking "Wait... I'm not out of breath"

THEN it hit me... I got extremely dizzy, started sweating, felt sick and my ears started ringing and going deaf. My vision started to get splotchy, and I got that weird feeling in my chest that only happens when I have a low bloodsugar! It felt like my bloodsugar was around 10 (i've been 20 and this felt worse) and like I was going to pass out.

I checked myself, and I was at 112. This confused my already fuzzy brain even more (There is NO WAY i'm not low!!!)

I my friend's mom (who happened to be a nurse) made me sit down and gave me some water. and in a few minutes I was back to normal.

4 x rays and 3 hours later, it turns out I broke my collar bone. When I told my doctor this she said "yeah that happens when someone suffers trauma."

sooo i guess my question is, was that me going into shock? and if so, why are the symptoms of shock the same as a low??

Indeed...trauma and shock. Had the same experience when I fell off flight of stairs and injured my back. Good thing you had the x ray to confirm...there are some who may mistake it as a low and move on. Hope you'd feel better soon.

That shock feeling has happened to me when being pulled over for all 3 of my speeding tickets. Tested in normal range ever time. I know exactly what you mean. I hope your collar bone heals fast.

Well, so far theres been no more weird feelings like that. Just my collarbone hurts (obviously)

I went to the specialist today and he told me to stay in the sling for at least 3 weeks and not to lift anything with that arm for 6. It looks like I gotta learn how to do everything 1 handed for a while!