Strange Novolog issues pre-TSlim?

This is like a combination of issues, that I see mentioned here on Tu. 11/11 I mentioned to my clinic that all of a sudden my insulin needs have gone wonky. I was getting 150 point drop from one unit, still sort of am, but my insulin and food used to hit late. I couldnt bolus before or right at the start of a meal or I would go low. Now all of a sudden the highs are there post meal.
Enter new Tslim on 11/26. Now I am having this issue in a bigger way. I saw a discussion here about Novolog issues, and frankly I dont know what to think. 15 years of pumping, yes, quite often you have to make a basal change or whatever. This feels different. Anyway, I dont know if Tslim air bubbles are to blame or Novolog or ?? I am using (and have always used ) Comfort Short sets…
I hit a 500 today, and the only thing I found was a giant bubble in the pigtail to tube connection.:confused: