Strange short term side effect

The last few days, when taking my meal bolus of Novolog, I've had something interesting happen.

About a minute after taking the pen injection, I get a slightly nauseaus feeling that only lasts for about 30 seconds. Not very severe, but I notice it almost each time.

Could be just my mind, but could be a mild side effect?

I don't remember every becoming nauseated, but I get a metallic taste in my mouth every time in the same timeframe you get nauseated. Doesn't happen with the Lantus I take twice daily, only the Novolog. I have both of the insulins in pen form. Interesting. If I may ask, have you been on Novolog for a while or is it something you recently started? I have been using it since August.

Within 30 seconds nothing of the injection will enter your blood stream. It takes much longer to absorb the dosage in your skin. I think this is some sort of anxiety or other psychological reaction to stress - and more significantly to the fact that you have to hurt yourself to stay alive. It will take time to get used to this new normal.

that same thing happened to me for the wee while after starting insulin. very rarely now ill get it(16 months in)but it sounds like very much the same thing, shawnmarie!