Strange stuff floating in my solostar pen

Anyone else see small stuff floating around in the solostar pen, I can only see it with a white background(the sink is white in my bathroom). Hope it is still good to use.
I will return it to my Pharmacist and find out if it’s normal.

It should be crystal clear. :frowning:

There shouldn’t be stuff floating around. Hope you got a replacement.

Thanks, I’m wearing a pair of magnifying reading glasses and upon inspection I saw the floating bits. Now I have already used this pen prior before I noticed the junk in it. I will take this back to the pharmacy to get a replacement.

Hi nj4x4, I’m sorry you’re having a problem, please call sanofi-aventis at 800-633-1610 to report any problems you may have experienced using your SoloSTAR. Regards, Mandy.