Strategies for exercising without having to eat

I think the key work here is mild, that is normal and your body is built to deal with it. The purpose of fat is to store energy for later use. It’s illogical to think that in using that energy the body would risk destruction.

Hi, Jennifer! It shouldn't be hard to do the stuff that's good for us, right?!

I rely on glucose tablets. 1-4 (15-60 calories) get me through most runs (45 minutes or so) just fine. That way, I avoid any calories that I don't need (from protein and fat). Of course, it does depend on starting bg.

I tried some bolus reductions with meals, but didn't like how high I tended to get while trying to time the exercise and it does seem like the insulin tail (I usually exercise 2-3 hours after a bolus/meal) helps a bit with exercise-induced highs.

Think about fueling exercise as treating, not eating. That helps me make a distinction between necessary calories (gotta treat lows, no matter what) and unnecessary calories. Best wishes!

Ahh, that's the million dollar question. I am nowhere near perfecting it, but here are my plans, in order of preference:

* IMMEDIATELY following a scheduled meal (usually 30-45g cho). NO bolus, but only slightly reduced basal, like 80-90%ish, for the duration. If I'm 100ish pre-meal, this works out very well. I may make it up to 150 during the first 5-10 min of exercise but will drift back over the course of the run. That is usually sufficient carbage to keep to keep me from going too low, and I'm not staying up for any length of time. Without those carbs, I'd probably reduce the basal more.

* >4 hours since the last bolus. I reduce basal to about 50% for 30 min BEFORE the run and allow that to run about 30 min into the run (1 h total). For runs < 60 min I'll allow my basal to return to normal at 30 min. For runs > 60 min I'll let the basal go back to about 80% for the duration.

*<4 hours since last bolus. This is by far the trickiest. Depending on how long ago and how big the bolus was, I'll cut the basal rate to ZERO for 30-60 min before the run, maybe even more. I'll cut the basal rate for the run, but it could be just about anything depending on what my bg is and how much insulin is still onboard (less my basal cuts). I conservatively bolus (0.1 increments) if I drift up and eat glucose gel if I drift down too quickly.

As you've already experienced, overcutting basal can lead to problems with highs. While cutting basal is a key part of my plan, it has limitations. Cuts usually have to be made 30+ min before exercise in order to be effective, and by that same token the basal rate should be approaching normal for the last 15-20 min of exercise so that it's on board when you stop. Many times I'll even issue a small bolus (0.25-5 U) in the last 5 minutes of my run in order to keep from going high afterwards. If I don't know what's going to happen, I'll usually be somewhat conservative about the cuts and use glucose gel to keep me up as soon as the down arrow shows up!

Great details, Tom! I’ve tried most of these strategies, but in a somewhat haphazard way (sometimes a complete crap shoot!). It’s nice to have them organized and connected to specific timing situations, as you’ve done. I’m going to print out your reply and put it with my other exercise-related guidelines. Thanks!

What has been working for me ( not in a training mode ) just daily stuff : I walk , after breakfast , at the indoor hockey rink : safe , no slipping on icy roadway . I consume 77 grams of carbs and take my glass of partly drank milk with me with a sip here and there , this morning BG 5.0 ( x18 ) ...I have my Bolus Wizard set for 5.5 , which would require 2.9 u ( carb ratio 1:26 ) . I lowered the bolus to 2.3 u, allowing for the 35 min intense walk and stretching , the BG being at 5.0 . I ended up having to take a Dex4 about half way ( BG 4.8 ) ..checked at home at 11.43 hours and result : 5.3 . I read the sensor reading now at 6.4

( could be my basal settings or I should have avoided the Dex ??)

I drink H2O from the water fountain .

I remember the coaching by a pumper Marathoner and I have followed his advise , when I do more intense , longer periods of walking : as soon as one completes the run/walk discontinue the temp basal setting and give a small bolus ( which may prevent from going HI ) ...I deliver .2 u ...and happy me worked .Everyone 's different ..

I use my daily journal , supplied by Medtronic for my record keeping .

Another story :my 522 MM cannot download the CareLink program anymore with entrees such as you are mentioning :( ...pump is out of warranty ...MM is working for me with PBC for Veo upgrade

I’m glad it was helpful! I definitely make a lot of adjustments on the fly, and am pretty haphazard myself. But having some place to start keeps me from overanalyzing every event of the day and how it’s going to affect things, which is my usual problem!

Brunetta, isn’t it amazing the things we have to explain to medical people!

Figure on needing 15-30 grams of carbs per 1hr of exercise and if working out near a meal ,-only bolus for the food over that 15-30 grams. You could pop a gluc tablet or two which have less calories than actual food. I also do 75% of my basal rate if I am going to be exercising more than 1hr. It really is trial and error(and frustrating). I am trying to figure this out before I take these 10+ mile hikes in Glacier national park.