Strength in Numbers

I began the new year with a renewed commitment to both my blog and my website. I was going to provide more information as well as make sure that everything was kept fresh and uptodate. I have been working hard at my promise to myself and have been very happy with the results.

I have been going back over old school policies and looking to see if more boards are now protecting their students with diabetes. I was happy to see Alberta had made changes. There were more policies out there. We were doing something right. I continued looking that the rest of the country and my enthusiasm took a big hit. When looking at British Columbia I saw that most places had antiquated policies regarding the administering of medication in schools that had been passed in the late 1990s! There were some places that had upgraded to create a "medical alert" policy but these policies were very minimalist. I did note however, that almost every board had an anaphylatic policy.

This brought me back to the good old breast cancer frustration. No, its not as strange of a leap as it sounds. Remember, in earlier posts I have discussed how wonderfully the breast cancer people have promoted their cause (and the allergy people have obviously done well at promoting their's). Some have said that diabetes is not "sexy" like breast cancer and that's why they are more successful than we are. That made sense. They also use pink as an awareness color and face it, its a nice color for many items. Diabetes can't decide if we are grey or blue.

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The picture on the website’s home page is wonderful and hopefully the family I feature will or have sent you a copy. They are not my children so I can’t share the one I am using. Their mother is a friend who allowed me to profile it. The girls are amazing though! My own child does not appear as creative but I may have to see what he comes up with one day.