Stress and school

I went to college and got a degree in Spanish then decided I wanted to be a nurse. The first week of nursing school I had a mini meltdown that I wouldn’t be able to do it and handle all the stress. Eight hours of crying later i was in the ED with DKA the resident has the gall to repeatedly ask me if I took drugs, "smoked a little pot on the weekends,"or shot up "to be cool"and then after not believing me, ordered a tox screen–which was negative like I told him it would be. He claimed that stress doesn’t cause elevated blood sugars. Clearly it did for me, but in general stress doesn’t cause really high sugars for me. Guess I’m lucky, but I also never crammed. Even if I felt unprepared for the exam I smiled (it makes your brain this everything is okay even if it’s not) and got thru it all. Now I’m a RN.

That reminds me of one time I got pulled over for speeding and when i opened my door a syringe fell out of my door. He was like when was the last time you shot up. Me being the smart butt I am I told him that i shoot up 6-7 times a day (which I did but on insulin). This went on for a little bit until I got tired of it and told him I had diabetes. He did not believe me until I showed him the insulin vial and after he called my parents. STUPID PEOPLE!

Talk about stress~~~~I’m waiting to find out if I will get into nursing school.

stress. i remember testing my BGs midway into a particular unnerving day in front of the Mac while being completely irritated at my InDesign file (I’m taking a class on publications design) and they were unnaturally high for 2 hours after lunch. I admit it could’ve been caused by the horrifyingly carby lunch I had, but I think stress must have done something to it too…after all I’d been waging war with the software for 2 hours.

In January 2008, I had to take a little over a month of school because I was having severe medical issues including problems with my diabetes. I’m still having issues with the diabetes part hence my new doctor and appointment in June (soonest I could get in), but the mental health part of my problems are some what better. I’ve noticed that because I also have bipolar disorder that it can cause more stress on me than just when I had diabetes alone. I know I have had bipolar disorder for awhile but I guess it really didn’t start affecting too much until I was diagnosed. I’ve already gotten an AA in Web Development at a community college. It was hard because instead of taking the normal 2 years to finish it took me more like 2 and 1/2 years to finish. I’m not to graduate with my bachelor’s degree until 2011 now. I’m still wanting to pursue my Master’s degree as well.