Stress and spring break and cortisol levels?

Kennedy has had a great spring break, MUCH better than last year, I don't know who remembers us ranting last year about her pod ( it was not the pod it was the diabetes) This year we had a new secret weapon to help us, our new dexcom g4. But I was curious, by the end of the week, it seems that our 5 am to noon .9 u of basal was too much. She had switched to that in the past month to keep her morning glucose levels flat. It seemed like by the end of the week she was dropping in the overnight, more than usual for the same amount of exercise, starting around four to five in the morning. Does anyone see stress related changes on vacation week?

I hope that every diabetic can get a g4 dexcom. It is pricey, but it is so worth it!!

And did everyone hear about the submission upcoming for the unit that fits on your bedside to bluetooth the dex numbers to your cell? It will be like the my sentry device that medtronic has. How could the fda not approve this thing as fast as they did the g4??

How is everyone doing?

Best, Natalie

I find my levels change periodically and sometimes for no reason, for a few weeks my sensitive increased so much my basals were down to the lowest they had ever been .550 AND my carb ratio was 1/22. It was crazy, and I could really tolerate carbs well. But now, for no reason, my basal is back up to where it normally is, around .775 and my carb ratio back down to 1/10. Change in weather maybe...change in some chemical in your body, diabetes gremlins when nothing else makes sense. But for me, I've found really monitoring my trends and making small adjustments keeps me pretty level. But I'm also nearly 40, with close to 30 years with D. It does sound from your post that your g4dexcom will help you and Kennedy keep up better on how her body reacts and changes, and help make those little tweaks here and there easier to manage. Glad its working out for all of you. For people who really like their cgm it seems to work out good. I had the cgm for medtronic, and yes some people say it isn't that good. Mine was pretty spot on, but it just aggrevated me, and to me wasn't worth the hassle. My numbers since getting on a pump have really stablized, but if I was a youngster again and newly diagnosed I might think differently about it.