Stress & Colds

I am a T2 for now 4 months. Diagnosed with a BS of 350 & A1C of 10.1, After 3 months of diet, exercise & 500mg Metformin I was able to get my A1C to 6.9 with my BS in the 120's. In the past 3 weeks I have been suffering through a sinus infection & cold and a lot of stress at work (it is just a few weeks a year that are terribly stressful at work that I endure-it will be over in another 2-3 weeks). My BS numbers have been in the 140's although I am maintaining the same diet & exercise. I am terribly tired all the time despite sleeping well.

I know that my stress will be over shortly and hopefully my sinus infection & cold will be over soon. How can I get my BS numbers down during this stressful time? This is the first hurdle I have come up against in this T2 journey and would like to hear how you have handled this. I am rather upset that my numbers are not where I would like, but I understand why they are not due to stress & illness. Any ideas or suggestions?

Stress and illness will play havoc sometimes with your BG. As a T2 person controlling with oral med plus diet and exercise your options are limited. The only things you can change without doctors approval is the diet and exercise but it sounds like you are already doing a good job with those but if you can tighten things up a bit it might help.

It may be that the only thing you can do short of calling your doctor is to wait this out. That is probably what the doctor will tell you anyway. Blood Glucose in the 140 range for a short time is unlikely to cause any problems.